-Hey everyone…my life is starting to get very busy, so it’s finally time for me to find a Co-Web. I will be making an application for people who are interested. However, there are requirements. I’m looking for a person that can look for news on the celebs, that knows HTML well, and is preferably good with photoshop, etc. I’ll post more details later on, but I will be looking for one very very soon!!

-Not much news right now because I’m updating from the computer lab at school. Here’s a few things though…

-Tonight is the premiere of the “Cheetah Girls 2″….Disney is having a premiere party with some of your faves like the Cheetahs, Ashley, Kay, Miley, Emily, etc…tune in to that and then stick around after the movie for the premiere of Vanessa Anne Hudgens’ first music video. posted the album artwork for Aly & AJ’s Christmas CD, “Acoustic Hearts of Winter.”

-Jonas Brothers Fans in Boston, listen up!! This is directly from boys’ myspace…
“We need everybody to listen to KISS 108 (Boston) this Saturday 9am-12noon and then again on Sunday 9pm-Midnight…..for a JONAS BROTHERS surprise!! After the surprise and EVERY day after we NEED you and ALL your friends to let the radio station know how much you all love the JONAS BROTHERS and “YEAR 3000″!!!! For those of you who are not in the Boston area you can listen on line…

We appreciate you all so much!! Thanks for making our dreams come true!!

Jonas Brothers”

Also, here’s the details on the boys show in Boston tomorrow:
Saturday, August 26 at 2:00 PM
Town of Acton presents THE KISS 108-Future Superstars Concert with the JONAS BROTHERS and special guest host Corbin Bleu from Disney’s High School Musical

Nara Park, Massachusetts

$16 per ticket

Family Fun Time 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Concert starts at 4:00 to 7:00 PM

First 500 people to buy a CD from FYE will be allowed into the Jonas Brothers Meert and Greet!

-Popstar posted a new blog on their myspace….apparently Jesse spilled the beans on why J. Lo left the movie “Dallas,” which his girlfriend Katie is starring in…and part of that movie is being filmed here where I live…I need to find out where hahaha.

-Also, tonight I will upload the live mp3’s from our music myspace of “Blow Your Minds” and “Hello Beautiful” to savefile so those that can’t get it to download off myspace can have it…

-And on August 31, the Webee Boyz will be doing a LIVE interview with DJ Rossstar. You can listen through winamp or iTunes…you’ll need to go to to download the show. Raviv will also be doing an interview as himself to promote his new movies, “Driftwood” and “Normal Adolescent Behavior.” It’s an interactive interview as well, so during the show, you can IM IdobiStar your questions for Raviv, Mad Rows and Flex Masta. And be sure to check out the coolest Webee Boyz fansite: Webee Boyz Central. (Credit: Andrea/Webee Boyz Myspace)

-That’s all for now…more later