Don’t Forget Tonight…


-Tonight at 9pm EST/8pm Central is the finale of “America’s Got Talent.” Be sure to tune in to see Aly & AJ!!!

-Tonight, Jesse McCartney’s “Schooled” special also airs on ABC Family at 7pm EST/6pm CST and will also rerun on Aug 19 and 23 at 1pmEST/12pmCST and 3pmEST/2pmCST respectively. Be sure to catch it! If you miss it, have no fear, an EXCLUSIVE DVD will be sold later at Office Max with more concert footage, behind the scenes stuff, etc. Also be sure to check out

IMPORTANT: Everyone, please keep voting for your faves on TRL!!!! Aly & AJ fell off the countdown yesterday. We need your help to get them back on!! Please vote as many times as you can, from different computers, from different logins, etc! On firefox you can vote multiple times…but these 3 videos really need your help: Chemicals React, Year 3000, and Right Where You Want Me. So get voting everyone!!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE. And don’t forget to vote for Aly & AJ or Jesse McCartney for the Long Lasting Video!!! Vote for long lasting video now!!!

-Once again, be sure to check us out on Myspace!! There you will find some cool animations, icons, etc in our blog, but you must be our friend!! These will eventually posted here as well. You’ll also get reminders to vote and other news througout the day! And we are very honored to be featured in the Jonas Brothers top friends! Those guys are amazing.

-Jesse’s Network Live concert was filmed this week. If you have AOL and you might be able to see it if you don’t, not sure, the concert airs on Sept. 15.

-The Jonas Brothers rocked out at the Starland Ballroom last night! I heard the show was awesome. They even performed a brand new song!! My friend Sam recorded it and you can watch the video here:

-Vanessa Anne Hudgens new single, “Come Back to Me,” will premiere on Radio Disney on Saturday, Aug. 19 at 2pm Est, as part of Radio Disney’s music mailbag. After it plays, called Radio Disney or vote online as whether to kick it or pick it!! (Thanks Tommy2).

-And that’s about it for now…still lots of stuff is being worked on. Did however add more Newsweek Photoshoot outtakes.