Guess Who’s 17!!


-Happy 17th birthday to Joe Jonas!!! Be sure to head over to the Jonas Brothers’ Myspace page: and leave Joe a bday comment!! Also, if you are on myspace and haven’t added our profile, what are you waiting for??

Edit: Tonight is the Miss Teen USA Pageant. Musical performers include Ashley Parker Angel, Jojo and none other than LUCAS GRABEEL!!!!!! Be sure to check your local listings for times and channels. (Thanks Priscilla)

-Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been adding lots of stuff to the gallery the past few days though. Lots more to come…and yes, i will be scanning the new popstar and stuff.

-Just to let you know that is having server issues. It will be back soon. Also, you can now access Vanessa Anne Online by going to

-Also, Monique Coleman from HSM will be on the new season of Dancing with the Stars!! WOooHoooo! Don’t forget Thursday is Jesse’s “Schooled” special and Sunday is the Teen Choice Awards!!

-Be sure to check out the myspaces for two AWESOME movies: “Keith” starring Jesse McCartney and “Driftwood” starring Raviv Ullman and Talan Torriero. You can see cool pics and also there is a NEW teaser trailer for “Driftwood” on their myspace and or watch it here.

-Now, on to all the gallery updates…there’s a lot…can’t post thumbnails for each so just links and a few highlight thumbnails. More coming soon!!!
Aly & AJ -Into the Rush Deluxe Edition Scans
Aly & AJ – California Mid-State Fair Soundcheck (Thanks Katharine)
Aly & AJ – Hyannis Concert June 17 (Thanks Lyndsey)
Aly & AJ – Nashville Concert June 30 (Thanks Emilee & Bethany)
Aly & AJ – North Fork Theater Westbury June 7 (Thanks Sam!)
McFly on Top of the Pops July 16
Jonas Bros It’s About Time Scans
Jonas Bros, etc at Heroes Carnival
Jonas Bros Build A Bear Event (Thanks Lyndsey & Priscilla)
Jonas Bros CD Release Party (Thanks Vicky & Sam)
Jonas Bros at Christian Audigier Collection Launch
Jonas Bros Dec 12 2005 Concert (Thanks Tommy2)
Jonas Bros Feb 6 Concert (Thanks Tommy2)
Jonas Bros Indians/Twins Baseball Game (Thanks Tommy2)
Jonas Bros OC Fair Shows (Thanks Tommy2)
Jonas Bros Hanover Mall Concert Aug 12 (Thanks Lyndsey & Priscilla)
Jonas Bros Hyannis Concert June 17 (Thanks Lyndsey)
Jonas Bros Nashville Concert June 30 (Thanks Ashton, Emilee & Bethany)
Jonas Bros Staten Island Concert Aug 9 (Thanks Sam)
More Jesse pics from TRL
Jesse & Katie Teen People Photoshoot Outtakes
Jesse HQ Photoshoot
Raviv Ullman @ Disney Channel All Star Party HQ’s
More of Raviv Ullman @ Big Bad Swim Premiere at TFF
M Magazine August Scans (Thanks Sponge)
Screencaps – Jesse on TRL August 3
Screencaps – Jonas Bros A Day In the Life Video
Screencaps – Jonas Bros I Am What I Am at Staten Island Concert (Thanks Sam for providing the video)
Screencaps – Jonas Bros Please Be Mine at Staten Island Concert (Thanks Ally for providing the video)
Screencaps – Jonas Bros Time For Me to Fly at Staten Island (Thanks Sam for providing the video)
Screencaps – Jonas Bros Year 3000 at Staten Island (Thanks Sam for providing the video)
Screencaps – Jonas Bros @ TJ Martell Family Day (Thanks Sam for providing the video)
Screencaps – POTF Not So Great Great Great Grandpa
Screencaps – MTV Cribs Ryan Cabrera
Screencaps – Recapped Aly & AJ Chemicals React with better quality
Screencaps – Aly & AJ On the Ride from Deluxe Editon CD
Screencaps – Jonas Brothers Year 3000 better quality caps + TRL First Look Caps