Today is the Day!!!!!


-Everyone, today is the day so many have been waiting for!! That’s right, It’s About Time by the Jonas Brothers is finally in stores, as well as Into the Rush: Deluxe Edition by Aly & AJ!!! Both are awesome so be sure to pic up a copy.

-Also, the Jonas Brothers are having another contest!!! That’s right, and this time it’s a receipt contest. Check out all the details on the jbstreet team forum. Basically, for each receipt for a copy of “It’s about time,” you are entered in a drawing which has some amazing prizes:
Grand Prize:

The winner will receive:
– A personal video message from the boys
– 2 tickets to a JB show in your area
– A tour of the backstage area from the boys
And on top of everything else, you will be brought onstage during “Please Be Mine” to be serenaded to by the boys!

Send all entries to:
Jonas Brothers Reciept Contest
1024-79th street
Brooklyn, NY 11228

-So, basically, the more copies you buy, the better chance you have of winning!! So be sure to send in copies of your receipts and get your friends to donate their receipts to you. Or if you don’t feel like buying a bunch, you can always donate a copy of your receipt to me…lol. It’d be mucho appreciated. Deadline is Aug. 22.

-Also, thanks to Kimmy, here’s a preview of Jesse’s Special “Schooled.”

-Oh yeah, Ashley Tisdale will now be on Jay Leno tomorrow night, August 9th! Thanks to Tommy2 and Ashley for reminding me.