Blow Your Mind


-First off, Happy August and Happy Birthday to Ashley Parker Angel and to the ever amazing Mandy ♥. I hope you both have great ones!

-No picture updates right now, but I’ll be adding some awesome concert pics donated by you guys later on!

-And thanks to A&A Source for the info that Aly & AJ’s episode of Cribs is scheduled for Aug. 21!

-Jesse will be on TRL this Thursday! And I have no idea what’s up with Jesse’s Official Boards ( I don’t know when they’ll be back up.

-For all you Jesse fans, I have a treat. We’ve got some great videos from when Jesse performed at the California Mid-State Fair last week. A HUGE thanks to Grace/capriciousstar24 for donating 4 full videos of 4 of Jesse’s new songs! (Videos are in zip files, you need winzip to extract the wmv’s) I’m very impressed with these songs. Looks like Jesse’s second album is gonna be awesome!
Blow Your Mind
Tell Her
We Can Go Anywhere
Can’t Go On Forever

Edit: Thanks to Payton, you can watch some more vids of Jesse live at the Dupage Country Fair. You can see her vids here: