Radio Disney Concert!!


Just to let you know, I’m working on the video and i have TONS more pics to add later, but it probably won’t be till tonight…so stay tuned!
-The concert was overall good. If you watched the webcast, you know the sound kinda stunk. You could hear the sound guys and techies talking throughout various parts…and Aly’s mic was messed up for the majority of Aly & AJ’s set. 🙁 And the guy talked in the middle of “Chemicals React” which made me mad. Anyway, I’ve added lots of pics from the concert show and backstage. Tons More will be added later, but here’s some for now. Look for audio and possibly video later on! Oh, and for those who didn’t see it, Miley Cyrus, Everlife, Aly & AJ, the Cheetah Girls, Bowling for Soup and Jesse McCartney all performed. And the introductions were done by Emily Osment, the Jonas Brothers, Mitchel Musso, Kay & Danielle Panabaker, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Monique Coleman. And all pics are under the misc. events section!



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