Some Reminders


-Congrats to Aly & AJ for being TRL’s Long Lasting Video of the week on Thursday! The girls were still #4, but they won the LLV, so their entire video for “Chemicals React” was shown. Don’t forget to vote for the girls everyday at

-Jesse did an interview on Radio Disney yesterday…we hope to have audio of that soon.

-Congrats to the Jonas Brothers for being Radio Disney’s #1 Requested song yesterday!! Keep voting for them at Radio Disney.

-Don’t forget to enter the jB Youtube video contest!! and go to
to submit your video and watch everyone elses! Also, I’ve posted 3 of my friends videos they made on the left side under featured videos! Also, mine will be there soon! whenever i get it done.

-Also, for TODAY only, go to and click on the jonas brothers contest and enter the keyword “hotties” for your chance to go to NYC for a private performance.

-Be sure to stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Chris Koon. We hope to have that up sometime next week.

-Be sure to catch the premiere of “Read It and Weep” starring Kay and Danielle Panabaker tonight! If you miss it, it is reairing Saturday and Sunday as well. And be sure to check out Raul’s interview with Kay Panabaker at

-Tomorrow is Radio Disney’s 10th Birthday Concert featuring people like Aly & AJ, Miley Cyrus, Jesse McCartney and more!! If you can’t attend the concert, be sure to watch the live webcast starting at Edit: The concert starts at 10pm Eastern Time, 9pm Central and 7pm Pacific. I had the time wrong and I apologize.

-Also, tomorrow if you’re in the San Diego area, be sure to stop by Comic Con for a sneak peek at “Driftwood” with Raviv Ullman, Talan Torriero, Tim Sullivan (Director/Writer) and Diamond Dallas Page. The sneak peek will be followed by a Q & A Panel and Autograph Signing.
July 22nd 2006
PRESS: 11 am to 12:15 pm 7A
PANEL: 12:30pm to 1:30pm Rm 6A

-And I won’t be on much this weekend or updating the main site because i have a HUUUGEEE school project to finish up plus my own jB video for the contest…but I’ll be back next weeK!!! And I promise pics and stuff when i get back. Not sure if i’ll have scans of any of the new mags cause it’s not payday yet…lol. but i’ll try.

Peace Out and Crackers…

-Oh, I did add a new photoshoot of Zac Efron from LIFE Magazine.