Lots of Goodies!!


-First off Johnny Wright (whos involved in the careers of Stevie Brock, Jonas Bros, etc) went to the Jonas Brothers’ Cleveland Show and posted a blog and a cool behind the scenes video from the show. Definitely check out the video, cause it’s awesome! You will need quicktime to watch it. Read the short blog here and DOWNLOAD the video (Right Click Save Target As!) HERE. Watch it on Youtube HERE. Thanks to Tommy2 for posting the original links.
-Also according to Tommy, the JB are supposed to make an appearance at the Indians/Twins Game today that starts at 1. Not sure if they’ll be shown on TV or not. I do not have access to the game on TV because it’s not in my region, but it is airing on tv, the game, so if you can watch it, maybe they’ll show the boys!

-We will be posting an EXCLUSIVE interview with a guy you should watch out for, Chris Koon! So be sure to watch for that and in the meantime, check out his myspace: http://www.myspace.com/chriskoon
-San Diego Fans, don’t forget you can meet Talan, Raviv and Tim from Driftwood at Comic Con July 22 starting at 11am!
-Now for the pics! Added more pics from Jesse’s Bravo Magazine Photoshoot (Lots in HQ) and some from an older photoshoot (thanks to Tommy 4 letting me know about the second set)

-Added some pics of Ryan’s Concert at Toad’s Place in CT (Thnx Michelle) & some more of the JB at Six Flags (Thnx John).

-Added more pics of McFly at the Wave Party in the Park, some from the Superman UK Premiere & After Party and some from the Sport Relief Run. Fans in the UK, don’t forget to pick up the single for “Please, Please.”

-Added a few new/old HQ’s from Driftwood.

-Read the next post for the scan additions!