Suite Life & Zac


-Thanks to everyone who helped out with the fan project for Aly & AJ and the Jonas Brothers. I will be Out of town Saturday and most of Sunday. I’ll let you know how everything went when I get back.
-New interview thanks to Raul with the DC Games Green Team’s Ashley, Miley and Emily (with a surprise guest too…lol). Head on over to to check it out! And don’t forget tomorrow’s event is the Dunk Tank!
-I’ve added a old/new of the Suite Life Cast (Thanks in part to Sprouse-Fans) as well as an old photoshoot of Zac.

-And July 28, is the first ever Disney Channel night of crossovers. Be sure to tune into “The That’s So Suite Life Of Hannah Montana” as “That’s So Raven,” “Hannah Montana,” and “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody” all cross paths. Starts at 8/7c.
-Be back late Sunday or Monday!!