Project SOMedia


-So, I haven’t had much time at home, I’m still working on new updates, but I have to go to work soon.
-You can read my review of Ryan Cabrera’s concert at Six Flags on our myspace blog.
-Also, I know it’s late notice, but I’ve started a fan project for Aly & AJ and the Jonas brothers!! Read it below, click read more for the rest, or visit the blog for the full story.

-Basically, I’m looking for fan messages and fan videos.

Hey Everyone!! As you all know by now, I’m going to the concert this weekend at Six Flags. I’m not sure if they’ll be doing a meet & greet or not, but hopefully they will. Anyway, I decided I wanted to be one of those annoying fans that has a big poster and holds it up (Not during the whole concert of course, but like in between songs).

Anyway, I am going to make one that says “Shine On Media Fans Love Aly & AJ” and one that says “Shine On Media Fans Love the Jonas Brothers.” (Shameless plug, I know, but hey, it’s all good…lol.) I know the boys know about the site, and I’m 5th row, so they should see it and aly & aj too.

okay, but here’s what I want your help with. As you all know, posters have two sides and it’s a waste to leave one side empty. So, I want y’all to e-mail me typed or handwritten messages for the boys and Aly & AJ and I”m gonna print them off and put them all over the posters. If I can, I’ll get the posters to them so they can read all your messages…I am determined and I will find a way…lol.

Also, I think it’d be cool to burn dvds for aly & aj and the jonas brothers of fan videos you all have made for them. It will give them something to watch while they’re on the road. Hope this sounds like a good idea. I need all your submissions no later than Thursday, July 6 at midnight!!. Sorry I didn’t start this sooner, but hopefully we can get it done.

Anyway, e-mail all your submissions to and attach your messages. You can write one for both the boys and aly & aj or one or the other. Please keep them kind of short. I will be reviewing these messages and if they contain inappropriate content, they won’t be put on. There is limited space on the posters, so please submit yours early. I will do my best to put all of them on there.

Please do not put your phone numbers or addresses, etc on these messages. I don’t mind if you put your msypace urls on there, just no real personal info like street addresses, etc.

*And for video submissions, if you have it uploaded to youtube, megaupload, etc, e-mail me the link and I’ll download it. Make sure to give me your e-mail address or name or how you want to be credited. Or just e-mail me the video. These videos can be fan montages, music videos, you singing their songs, etc…go all out!!

Remember, please keep it all clean, refrain from saying do you have a bf/gf stuff and have fun. Basically it’s to show them how much they mean to you, etc.