Sorry for the…


-Just wanted to say sorry for the lack of updates and the downtime. We’ve been moved again to another server and I had a death in the family, but the server switch was a very good thing. we don’t have to worry about that “account suspended/out of resources” thing anymore, which is awesome!

-I’ll post all the updates later on tonight. I’ll be adding scans from the new August issue of Popstar and the new Life Story: Cole & Dylan Sprouse (which includes stuff on the HSM cast, JMac, and some new Expedition Everest pics) as well as more POTC2 pics and caps of Aly & AJ’s new video for “Chemicals React.”

-I will be out of town Saturday and part of Sunday because I’m going to Texas to see Ryan Cabrera at Six Flags, so I won’t be able to respond to your messages as quick as I normally do.

-Anyway, thanks for all your support and for visiting!!