Quick update


Don’t Forget that Cow Belles is on DVD this Tuesday!
I’ve been adding lots of stuff to the gallery, esp. the screencaps and mcfly sections. I will post a formal update on those later.
Just wanted to say don’t forget to watch the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” Showdown on the Disney Channel Games tonight, starting at 8/7c. And catch a new (to the US) episode of Phil of the Future, “Ill of the Future.” It’s a good episode…Also, McFly will be appearing on CDUsa again at 6/5c (and reairing all weekend). Not sure what song it is or if it’s a repeat.
Also, E! is airing a live red carpet special on Sunday 7/6c from the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Deadman’s Chest. Zac, Vanessa and the Sprouses are scheduled to attend the premiere, so lets hope they are shown on the special.
Check back for more stuff later today, including some of the new Express Yourself Commercials with the Hannah Montana cast (caps in gallery) and more!

-Edit: To address the comments, no, you will not be able to download the song “Year 3000” by the Jonas Brothers. I’ve been asked specifically by their management/streetteam to not allow download because the song will be on sale soon, and everyone who likes them needs to support them and buy the song or the album.
-Jesse McCartney was in NY last week and did an exclusive photoshoot for Popstar! Magazine. Be sure to keep reading Popstar! to see those pics. They probably won’t be in the August issue but one of the issues after that. His new single will be called “Right Where You Want Me” and is scheduled to drop July 11 and the album hits stores Sept 12 (Credit: Popstar! and JMac’s Official Fanclub).
-And there was no DC Games last weekend. Tonights will be the second event. And next week’s event will be the “Hampster Ball Relay” and new eppys of Naturally, Sadie, Life with Derek, the Emperor’s New School and American Dragon will air. If you really wanna know who won tonights “Rock, Paper Scissors Showdown,” you can go to the DC Games Website and see the scores and vote for the new MVP between Cole, Nessa and Kyle.