Lots of screencaps


**This Tuesday, Miley Cyrus will be having a busy day. She will be on Good Morning America, then Regis and Kelly, followed by TRL with Ashley Tisdale. Be sure to check your local listings for times and channels.
**Be sure to pick up a copy of the August issue of Popstar when it hits stores soon! The winners of the Popstar! awards are announced (winners include Zac Efron, Jesse McCartney, Aly & AJ and others). It will also feature Miley Cyrus as the “Big Interview,” pics of the Jonas Brothers, and an awesome pinup of AJ, Raviv and Aly when they were at Disneyworld. For the first time, Popstar! is calling Ricky “Raviv.” For a peek at a few scans go here. Credit to Katharine for those! This issue should be on sale soon! Probably next week.
**Raviv and Talan will be attending San Diego’s Comic Con Convention with director Tim Sullivan to preview “Driftwood” Edit: July 22. Thanks to sara for clearing that up for me. For some reason I can’t read, lol, i read my upcoming shows on myspace wrong. Sorry bout that. So, if any of you live in San Diego, go check it out! Also, check out “Driftwood’s” official myspace at http://www.myspace.com/driftwoodthemovie. I’ve also added the teaser poster and a few more pics thanks to Tim!

**Added screencaps from the Disney Channel Stars Father’s Day Wishes that ran yesterday. Videos of those will be up soon. These include the Phil of the Future Cast, That’s So Raven cast, Jason, Miley, Emily and Mitchel from Hannah Montana, and Brenda and Ashley from The Suite Life.

**Added screencaps from MTV’s Stacked Poker Special of Ryan Cabrera.

**Added screencaps from the Jonas Bros American Dragon Music Video.

**Added caps from the first week of the DC Games.

**Added screencaps from Aly & AJ on Mike’s Super Short Show and caps from one of the So Hot Summer Commercials.

**Added some more pics of Jesse at the Australian KCA’s last year.

**Replaced 3 photoshoot pics of Jesse with HQ versions. Please do not steal these.