Carly Rae Jepsen Teams Up with Coke and American Idol® For Perfect Harmony Contest! Win a Prize Pack!


carlyraejepsen-coke-040913What do Coca-Cola, American Idol and Carly Rae Jepsen have in common?? Perfect Harmony!

Coke, American Idol® & Carly have teamed up to launch Perfect Harmony where beginning on March 20th, fans will be able to go to and listen to the opening segment of Carly’s new song that she has penned. They will be able to listen to three different lyrics and choose on the one they like best. The lyrics that fans like the best will then be incorporated into that week’s verse. After four phases and four opportunities for fans to weigh in on the lyrics, the song will be complete, which Carly will then perform during the season Finale of American Idol® on FOX! In addition to assisting with the creation of the song, this year fans across the country also will have the opportunity to help impact various aspects of her performance, by weighing in on things like set design, creating a truly collaborative Finale performance.

How cool does that sound?! You get to help Carly write a new song! And that’s not all the great news we have. Thanks to Coca-Cola, we have some awesome free stuff for one of our lucky readers!

We have a very cool prize pack that includes an iPod Shuffle, $100 iTunes Gift Cards, Emerson Karaoke Portable Karaoke Machine and a fashionable Coca-Cola V-neck T-shirts. Want to win? Click inside to find out how!!

How to win:

1) Leave a comment on this post with how music has inspired you and if you’ve been inspired by a certain lyric in particular.
2) Be sure to leave a valid e-mail in the correct field and also leave your twitter handle in your comment
3) Be sure to follow us on twitter so we can contact you if you won – @shineonmedia

We will pick one winner at random by April 16. US residents only please.

So start voting at!! Let us know what you voted for in the comments as well and be sure to see if you helped in the final decisions when Carly performs on the American Idol finale!

The prize was provided by Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way with this giveaway.

  • Music has been a source of happiness for me since I was a child. This past year in particular, I’ve expierenced a lot of hardships, but there is one lyric in particular that I recently discovered that has inspired me. It’s from a new song by The Summer Set called “Jukebox” and the lyric goes “If we’ve got rock and roll, we’re gonna be alright.” I believe that music will always save us and lift us up, it’s definitely a happy place for me.

  • Music has always had a great influence on my life. It’s always there if I need to get pumped up, chill out, have a cry, whatever. I have many favorite lyrics, from many favorite songs, but one that stands out is from the Queen song “You’re My Best Friend” that says “You make me live.” Without my friends, my life wouldn’t be the same. They help me get through everyday and make me actually live and enjoy life, instead of just getting through it.