First Look: “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween Special Poster


Check out the new poster for the “Pretty Little Liars” special!

The Halloween episode premieres Tuesday, October 23 at 8/7c on ABC Family and features a performance from Adam Lambert.

In the mid-season finale, fans learned that Toby was part of the A team but Spencer has no idea. How will she react?

Troian Bellisario told EW during Fashion Week, “You’re going to see a storm. She doesn’t know about it [yet], but she’s a very smart girl, so you can expect that she’s not going to stay in the dark for very long.”

Well, we do hear that one of the girls will find out about Toby in episode 16, but what about the Halloween episode? “Everybody’s there… It’s like a boiling pot [and] everybody’s problems kind of [come] to a head,” Troian continued.

Are you excited for the Halloween special? Which girl do you think will uncover Toby’s secret?

  • jen

    I think the girls will start suspecting Toby way before episode 16; they’re too smart not to notice he’s involved. I have the Hopper DVR, which has tons of recording space, so I have a couple earlier PLL seasons saved and I’ve been going through them looking for clues about Toby’s A team alliance. I haven’t been able to come up with anything, but I was talking with some DISH coworkers and we all agree that Spencer will figure it out first. She’s the most analytical of the girls. I bet she’ll even get suspicious during the Halloween special. Poor Toby, Spencer hates traitors.