Justin Bieber: New ‘Believe’ Tattoo + Jimmy Fallon Faceoff (Video)


To celebrate his new album, Justin Bieber is sporting a new tattoo.

If you’ve seen pictures of the Biebs from the past few days, then you’ve probably noticed “Believe” on his forearm. This tattoo is one of a few that Justin has including the bird on his hip and Jesus on his calf.

Justin appeared on the “Late Show with David Letterman” last night where he chatted about it. “I have a couple” Justin said. When David asked if it’d be his last one, he added, “It might be.”

Justin also did a live chat with Jimmy Fallon yesterday where he answered fan questions and also did a funny skit. The two compete to see who is the best in a number of various events.

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What do you think of Justin’s new Believe tattoo?

  • Arianna. Martinez

    Hahaha I love Justin lmfao I love you Justin ur my idol!!!!!!!:) ur cute too

  • giorgia

    hahaha il video era divertenntissimo hahaha comunque io amo justin bieber lui è il mio idolo io non lo abbandonerò mai e bellissimo tanto tanto lo amo da impazzire mi ascolto sempre le sue canzoni su youtube ma anche i funny moment 2012 bhe insomma tutte le sue cose