“Lemonade Mouth” Sequel Is a No Go


Such sad news!

Disney Channel had a hit on its hands last year with the musical original movie “Lemonade Mouth” starring Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, and Hayley Kiyoko. Not long after the movie premiered, a plan for a sequel was announced. Unfortunately, it looks like the anticipated sequel will no longer happen.

Chris Brochu, who played bad boy Ray in the flick, took to his twitter today to announce the news. He wrote, “Dear Lemon-heads, I figured since I play the bad guy I might as well be the one to say this. I regret to inform you that as of now there will not be a Lemonade Mouth 2. However this should not stop you from speaking your mind or requesting that it should be made. After all, standing up for what you love, being heard and starting a revolution is what Lemonade Mouth was all about….right?”

There will, however, be a “Lemonade Mouth 2” in book form. Auther Mark Peter Hughes is set to release the book this Fall.

Disney has not yet confirmed or denied this announcement, but we’re bummed it looks like it won’t happen.

Would you want to see a “Lemonade Mouth 2”? Weigh in!

  • There will, however, be a โ€œLemonade Mouth 2โ€ณ in book form. Auther Mark Peter Hughes is set to release the book this Fall.

    • Edwin

      Who cares about the book, I want a movie, C’mon why are you cancelling it, Do you know how long I have been waiting for this, disney just make a sequel, I don’t care how long it takes just do it. I love that movie so much and I am honestly very ticked off that you would do this. Please do Lemonade Mouth 2

  • why are doing this to your beloved fans i n love with this movie i been waiting for lemonade mouth 2 since april 15,2011 i am still a big fan of you hayley /stella i am so sad that you are doing it anymore plz tell me is this to good to be true. no matter what i will always be your biggest fan love your #1 fan katie kristin wilkinson please have lemonade mouth 2

  • kassandra cariaso

    what? there must be lemonade mouth 2! a lot, i mean alot of people are waiting to watch the part2… im waiting for so long… you removed sonny of a chance, suit life on deck, more, more and more. but you will never removed lemonade mouth……

    since i was a little kid i wanted to work in Disney, but if Disney is some one who rejected a lot of beautiful shows, then i say good day………

    this will be my last question:

    will there be a lemonade mouth 2?

  • why is lemonade mouth 2 being cancelled i think u should blame disney because they keep on cancelling the good shoes and movies but they leave the retarted
    ones instead

  • someone ^^

    that`s not fair!!!….Please do the sequel because Lemonade Mouth is the best movie ever and I love it. I think, if there will be for sure a second book, there should be also second movie. Because everybody who loves Lemonade Mouth will read this book just because it`s exciting how the story continues (of course not only but it is the main cause). and if everybody will know the sequel, then everyone will want to see a movie with this story. So I think it`s stupid not to make Lemonade Mouth 2 because we all know, that we all want to see this movie and there`s no person, who would say, that there shouldn`t be a second part.

    Sorry, that I`m writing so much but I`m just very disapointed about that and also sorry for my english but I`m german.

  • Michael

    What!?!?! This is insanity!!! Lemonade Mouth was the first good Disney Channel movie since Camp Rock 2. This sucks. Why would they cancel it? Idiots.

  • Hannah VandeZande

    This the worst thing you guys could do;( I have been waiting for Lemonade Mouth 2 for months and to here that they may not make one makes me very very sad/mad;( please make the movie the story can still go on…!

    • Anonymous

      ik i feel the same way and im a dude fuck the book who the fuck wants to read the book keep the movies going it literally disney’s only decent tv movie in awhile please keep it going

  • Name

    This is rediculous! I love Lemonade Mouth! It’s the best Disney movie ever and could totally do with a sequel because of where it was left off, yet you plan to make a Finding Nemo 2? You always wreck the best of Disney. Sonny With a Chance, Pair of Kings, NOW THIS?

  • This sucks I am really huge fan of Lemonade Mouth. ๐Ÿ™

  • Anonymous

    I think that there should be a second Lemonade Mouth movie. This movie inspired people to be loud be strong and be proud.This movie has been a movie that was amazing because you saw a movie that was about underdogs overcoming hardships. You saw all the ups and downs of these kids. There is so much you can write to these kids.The kids in the movie are people who have a chance to say something. These kids can change things for the better. In the movie you saw good and bad of kids lives. We want to see more of the these kids lives. We want more because we see that we are not alone as much as we feel it. This movie has a message for the kids of today, tomorrow and forever. They could use the sequel to give out even good more messages to the youth of today. Lemonade Mouth is one of the best movies Disney has made in a long time. I think they should make one more because we connected with the characters in someway. Please Disney hear what we say. There needs to be a sequel. There is so much you could do with the movie. You have fans that go crazy for this movie. Do it again and you won’t regret it because if you do a message like you did with the first one people will love the second one just as much as the first one. DISNEY FOR THE YOUTH OF TODAY TO SEE A MOVIE WITH A GOOD MESSAGE PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL!!

  • Naw

    I’m a french fan, and I’ve been very disappointed by this decision.
    I love Lemonade Mouth and Bridgit so hard that I hoped for this movie to be release. Is it everything about money ? Please Disney, the spirit you let us know through your movies is definitely not the one you’re bringing here.
    For God sake, just do it, please, please ! If it’s because you are waiting for the second book to be release, fine, but please, for the fans, do it.
    There are thousands of people that love Lemonade Mouth in France, so please !
    Otherwise: “be heard” ? That’s a stupid song, I’ll never sing it again.


    WHAT? that’s not be happened LEMONADE MOUTH 2 is being cancelled? I want to be heard again,to be strong,and to be proud:) I’m so sad that the disney movie, LEMONADE MOUTH is being cancelled ๐Ÿ™ I’m a filipina and i love the LEMONADE MOUTH since that I’d watched it,and since now, that LEMONADE MOUTH 2 is being cancelled,don’t you worry JOYCE maybe someday lemonade mouth is enough to be your IDOL love ‘yah guys @—}–

  • Anonymous

    Oh god ๐Ÿ™ i wanted a second part so bad ๐Ÿ™ well i think they should like be in a tour all over the world and show the romances in the band but with a bad way also i dont know like maybe wen kisses olivia and she gets shocked i dont know something like that <3

  • Antonio

    This is crazy I don’t why Disney is not doing a part 2 lemonade mouth is the best movie Disney ever had I love the movie I brought it on DVD the first day it came out so Disney come from one of lemonade mouths biggest fans please make a part 2 plus I love Naomi Scott and I have a big crush on her

  • Anonymous

    Disney have to make a sequel. There was going to be one at first so why has it been cancelled? That is just unfair on all the fans out there. I love lemonade mouth, it is the best film ever made by Disney and now there is no lemonade mouth 2. You have got to be kidding. I loved seeing the ups and downs of their lives and how people became inspired by them. There is so much more that can be added to their stories. Wen and Olivia could become even closer, maybe Ray and Stella could become an item. There is so much more than just them becoming a band and it can be included in lemonade mouth 2. There needs to be a sequel otherwise Disney is definitely going down hill.