The Stars of “Degrassi” Party in LA


Munro Chambers and Alex Steele from “Degrassi” take a break from signing autographs for a smiley photo op.

The duo, along with co-stars Jordan Todosey and Annie Clark kicked off the “Party with Degrassi” 5-city US tour in Los Angeles earlier this week at CityWalk. The quartet answered questions from fans and also gave them a sneak peek at the new season of the hit show.

“Degrassi” returns to TeenNick with a new class of Freshman and returning favorites on February 20 at 9pm.

In “Underneath it All” Pt. 1, the school year begins with Fiona (Annie Clark) retuning from rehab and trying to make a fresh start. When an exclusive party at her loft leads to a late-night senior prank, someone must take the blame.

After the marriage of their parents, Clare (Aislinn Paul) and Jake (Justin Kelly) are now forced to live together and their relationship is hotter than ever. Clare tests Jake to determine if they’re “emotionally ready” for sex. Meanwhile, a new group of freshmen get their first taste of Degrassi drama as school president Katie’s (Chloe Rose) little sister, Maya meets a cute boy on the first day of school. However, Tori and Tristan warn her that Zig is bad news.

Are you excited for the return of “Degrassi”? Click inside for pics…

  • OMG i am like in love with degrassi i mean i just cant get enough of it i was dieing 4 u guys to come 2 my place whitch is iowa but u guys r going 2 bigger places now and will have a lot more fans wanting 2 c u i am just loving the new eposodes of degrassi and the new people but i still miss the old students that went 2 degrassi i have always hoped 2 meet the cast of degrassi 1 day and i mean the whole 1 so far this has been my fav tv show love the new shows and cant get enough i love u guy bye