David Archuleta: BritWeek’s Save the Children


-“American Idol” alum David Archuleta performed at BritWeek’s 2010 Charity Event: Save The Children and Virgin Unite held at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Thursday evening.

The event is an annual celebration of the accomplishments of Brits in the entertainment industry. David performed John Lennon’s “Imagine” as well as an acapella version of “Prayer for the Children.” Check out a clip below.

David had a great time at the event and tweeted: Had such a great night at the event! Morgan Freeman was there and I’m bummed I didn’t get to catch him! He’s amazing lol.

  • leesha

    Love David Archuleta!! He is one talented singer. I don’t think there is anyone that can sing live as well as him. He truly has a gift of communicating through song. He can truly make us feel the song.

  • violet4ever

    I love all of the charity stuff David does. And they got the treat of hearing him live. David was disappointed that he missed Morgan Freeman who he admires. I can’t wait for his next single (which soon be soon), his memoir, and I’m thinking his second pop album should be released this summer.

  • Trish

    He looked and sounded great last night!

  • David did such a good job last night. He is one of those rare musician who can sing so good live and also acapella. Such lucky people to be able to hear him at the event. New fans for life!

  • lct

    David Archuleta sounds amazing singing POTC acapella AND he sounds incredible doing a beautiful song Imagine! What talent!

  • cassidy

    Wow, David Archuleta is such an amazing singer!! No one can sing “Imagine” as well as David and how many people could sing “Prayer Of The Children” acapella as well as David can? David Archuleta is such an amazing talent and is so handsome!!

  • breanne

    David sounds amazing singing both songs! He is such a talented young man!! Oh, and he is handsome too!!