Demi Lovato: Together We Can Stop Bullying


-Bullying has always been a subject close to Demi Lovato.

In light of recent events and news, Demi has uploaded a new video urging for the end of teen bullying. Demi has been part of Teens Against Bullying for a while.

Check out Demi’s important message below. If you or someone you know is being bullied, be sure to visit to find out how to help.

On Saturday, Demi also stepped out for the premiere of Oceans with bf Joe Jonas and little sister Madison.

  • fatu toalima

    i think ur a big roll model for meeh and i think teen bullying needs to stop too much teens comitting suicide!! but i would like to thank you for your help of trying to stop bullying!! thank you demi!!!

  • hannah unger

    i like you because you never gave up and never let them put you down