David Archuleta Returns to American Idol


-“American Idol” alum David Archuleta returned to the show on Wednesday night to perform the John Lennon hit “Imagine.”

It was a Lennon/McCartney themed week on the hit show, with the contestants performing songs like “Hey Jude,” “All My Lovin'” and “Come Together.” In a pretty shocking results show, Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia & Michael Lynch were in the bottom 3. Michael earned the lowest number of votes and sang to save himself.

It worked. The judges unanimously decided to use their one save for the season. That means 2 contestants will be going home next week.

Are you keeping up with AI? Who is your favorite? Who should have gone home?

  • lct

    Oh, and he was incredible! I wish we could have still voted for him! David, thank you for an amazing performance!

  • cassidy

    David sound fantastic on AI! It is so nice to have a young artist actually sit down with just a piano and sing and do it without all the over the top gimmicks that other artists do! David Archuleta is a true talent!!

  • jules

    even more superb than the 1st time he sang it… david is arguably one the best male vocalists idol has produced, bar none, and he shows a maturity and level of real talent sorely missing and much needed back into pop music. pop radio is almost unlistenable to many people now, and needs to undergo a sea change away from autotune and anything not predicated on the singers in the genre 1st being able to really sing. david is leading the charge back to genuine talent being rewarded, and it’s about time.