Justin Bieber: Never Let You Go Music Video


-Check out Justin Bieber’s new music video for “Never Let You Go.”

The video was shot during Justin’s recent trip to the Bahamas. Yesterday, Justin filmed a music video with Sean Kingston for “Eenie Meenie.”

Also below, check out Justin’s countdown of his favorite videos on Youtube. It’s pretty funny.

And if you missed it, check out MTV’s Diary of Justin Bieber after the jump. It follows Justin as he hangs out and performs in Paris and NYC.

What do you think of “Never Let You Go”?

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  • guadalup(:

    ok..everyboby listen…in some videos says that justin BIEBER is gay , ok..for people who think that ustin bieber not is gay..not to talk as if they can not .

    • Mrs Bieber

      dont say jb is gay otheerwisee!!….

  • Justin has got a God given talent, and people shouldn`t be so cencerned with his personal life. Just enjoy His music for goodness sake.