Win Your Chance to Hang with Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift Tickets


-Are you Justin Bieber’s biggest fan? Well Zach Sang & Goom Radio want you to prove it!

The internet radio station is hosting the “ONE LESS LONELY GIRL” with Justin Bieber Contest. Listeners have to upload their craziest videos confessing their obsession with Justin Bieber and Goom Radio!

The videos will be submitted by uploading them to Youtube and sending them to The TOP 3 most viewed videos will be finalists for the contest. In your video, you must say Goom Radio and profess your love for JBiebs. The grand prize winner will be announced with Zach Sang and The Student Body on Friday, April 9th between 7-9pm. The winner will receive 2 tickets to see Justin Bieber LIVE in concert, and 2 meet and greet passes.

Be sure to tune into Zach Sang & the Student Body weekdays from 7pm EST to 9pm EST. You can listen right here on SO-M at the top of the page or HERE. For an example of what to do, check out Zach making a fool of himself outside the Goom Studios below.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night for Zach’s show. Meaghan Martin will be calling in.

AND for any Taylor Swift fans, be sure to listen to Zang Radio. When you hear two Taylor Swift Songs back to back, head right over to and leave them a comment with the name of the two songs. You’ll be entered to win 2 tickets to Taylor’s show at the Prudential Center. Contest ends March 26.

  • i really want to win this

  • hi justin your veary kind to your fans

  • alexis

    i love justin bieber to bad i cant enter the contest=(

  • leyda zavaleta

    hhi justin i really wnna see u i wud buy tickets to see u but i hav money probloms right now i love u im a big fan

  • Bethany smith

    hey Justin Bieber I love you and i want to come to your concert soo bad and well you come to my birthday my name is Bethany Smith

  • mzperfect

    hi justin i love your are so talened. o i always wanted to come to one of your concert!

  • SmithSa

    heyy justin beiber

  • Naomi Miller

    Hey justin i love you so much!!!!!

  • big boy

    justin bieber im a boy but i want to see you in person

  • plzzzzzzzzzz let me win this i love u so much but even if i dont win have fun wth who ever else u go with!!!!!!!! but promise me u will have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun

  • cherrell

    justin bieber you are the love of my life
    and the apple of my eye
    please let me win this wonderful suprise

  • justin please let me win ive never being one of ur concerts and i love u so so much i cry over u most of the time im upstairs and when im in bed please let me win pritty please plz plz plz <3 <3 <3 <3 i miss u

  • i love u babe <3 <3 im funny and have a nice personality plz let me win

  • Harmony

    Ugh my friend made me go to his concert I don’t even like him but his music is nice the only thing that could make her stop talking about him if I go with her so I have no choice and were going to see him backstage just what I needed more torture VIP that’s great I think I’m going to be sick when I meet him

  • Anonymous

    omg justin is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hottttttt

  • hi jb i would like to win this couse i have never been to your conset and i love u somuch