David Archuleta: Somos El Mundo Video


-Last month, many stars gathered to record “Somos El Mundo,” the Spanish version of “We Are the World” to benefit Haiti. Among those stars were David Archuleta & Shakira. The song premiered yesterday and is now available on iTunes. You can purchase it HERE.

Also, check out the cover for David’s upcoming book, Chords of Strength, HERE.

Fans have put together a poster to benefit the Plane to Haiti. To purchase one and find out more details, go HERE.

  • Jasmine

    I love Somes El Mundo! Such gorgeous voices and I even surprisingly love the rap part. (didn’t think I would!) Great job David and all of the other Latino artists who participated.

  • Jasmine

    Oops.. meant to say SomOs, not Somes.

  • VJ

    OMG David did awesome!!! Love his eyes, his voice, his soul. This whole remake was put together well. The voices were outstanding and blended together well…much better than the English version. Thanks for putting this together, Estefans. Hope it helps Haiti!

  • KaitieQ

    I love this version despite the fact that I cannot understand more than about five words in Spanish. The artists’ passion comes through — love David Archuleta’s solos and love so many of the solos — the rap part is addictive, makes me want to get up and dance!!! I am a new fan of Pitbull, as well as many of these other artists. Will ALWAYS be a fan of David’s.

  • violet4ever

    I also know very little Spanish but this version sounds great! I bought the video and the single. It’s great that David Archuleta was included in this project. He sang his parts very well and he also got to meet a lot of Latin singers he admires.

  • lct

    Great job! Have to say it was better than the English version! Would it be because of one David Archuleta!!!!

  • yolanda

    Great blending of voices in this Spanish version, and so love David’s solos..wow, his voice is really so pure and soulful..I don’t really understand spanish except for few words but I will definitely buy copies. Go David!!!