Debby Ryan SayNow Update


-Before heading off to the opening of Pink’s Hot Dogs at Knott’s Berry Farm on Saturday, Debby Ryan made a call into her SayNow.

Debby just spent 6 weeks in Vancouver filming the new Disney Channel Original Movie, “Sixteen Wishes.” She talks about her other movie, What If, her cover of “Hakuna Matata” and possibly more exciting news related to music.

Take a listen below. We had the chance to talk to Debby today about “Sixteen Wishes.” Stay tuned!

  • hi debby i sent for yu more massege please call me bye

  • peper

    hi my name is iliana trevizo i am your bigest fan i watch all of bthe suite life o\n deck can you please call me at 3128153 my mom will pick up

  • hey bebby love you and your show and every time i whatch it its funny i love you bye

  • mia

    hi debby i love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much and your show is so funny to me and i love it and i love you your songs and you bye

  • hi im katie big bbbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiggggggggggg fan of everything u do and dylan n cole sprouse ur an amazing actor love u lots hope u gt onwell in the fitre im sososossoso sad tt suite life on deck is finished loved it n still do i hope i cn be like u someday. im only 12 the now but in the futre i hope im an actor n a singer like u . u should be verry proud of what uve done in ure life <3 xxx so if u could phone me plz i promise nt to scream lol but it would mean the world to me it honestelly would. xx on 01698 260755 love u lots xxxx <3 xxxxxxxxxx 🙂 xxxx

  • haley

    I love you Debby I think you are a really good actress …. I love the show Jessie and The suite life on deck and your my favourite character on both and I don’t know what I would do if I got to talk to you!! So if you do call me I promise I wont scream …. or faint So if you decide to call my number is (506) 456-2847…. I hope you keep acting for along time …

    your biggest fan Haley

  • ariel

    omg debby i love u so much u r amazing dont stop wat u do i cant seem to find your say now real number or were to send mail or email so if u will make a vide abot this stuff plz of post on facebook my name is ariel and i really like your shows

  • Anonymous

    hi there are you the real debby ryan