David Archuleta Records For Somos El Mundo


David Archuleta gives a thumbs on the red carpet for the recording “Somos El Mundo,” the Spanish version of “We Are the World.”

David joined over 50 of the biggest names in Latin music to record the song to benefit Haitian earthquake victims. “Somos El Mundo” adapted into Spanish by Gloria & Emilio Estefan, marks the first time ever that the legendary recording is translated into any language, with the approval and blessing of Lionel Richie and the Michael Jackson Estate, who wrote the original lyrics.

The music video, which will air on the Univision Network, will make its world-wide premiere on “El Show de Cristina” (The Cristina Show) on March 1, 2010 at 10pm ET/PT (9pm Central) and an exclusive one-hour, behind-the-scenes special will also air on the Univision Network at a later date to be announced.

All proceeds derived from donations, iTunes downloads and retail sales of “Somos El Mundo” will be used directly by the We Are The World Foundation to benefit the Haitian cause in charitable and relief efforts.

  • lct

    David is so talented! To be able to sing various genres AND now jump from English to Spanish – well that’s talent! Check out his Spanish singing on youtube! He’s even better in that language!

  • haha

    I´m looking forward to listening to “Somos el Mundo”…David is very talented!!!

  • Tmv

    David is a major talent – English, Latin, French, Spanish no hurdle for his amazing ang glorious voice. It is a given he will shine in any solo assigned to him. I can hardly wait for the debut of this version.

  • kristian

    Topnotch singer. Songwriter. Recording artist. Musician in its truest form. Idol in every sense. Role model. Philanthropist. Everyone (MOST ESPECIALLY these overhyped bubblegum-sweet senseless Hollywood starlets) should learn a life lesson or two from this young man. You make us proud in whatever you do, David!

  • annonymous

    Can’t wait to hear the Spanish version of “We Are The World”. I am so happy the Latino Community acknowledged David’s talent and charitable character, and asked him to be a part of the amazing experience.

  • Tracy

    Very impressed with all that came forward for this special cause in Spanish. To have David Archuleta sing Spanish is one of his talents and I am very excited to hear the final touches. He is great talent and I am happy he was chosen to be part of this experience.

  • VJ

    Sooo excited that David is going to be part of this! David has an AMAZING voice, and an amazing heart. I know he’ll do the song justice, and that he’ll be happy to help Haiti in any way possible.

  • maryann

    Love it when David speaks/sings in Spanish even though I only understand a little bit! I want the video NOW please.

  • rose

    After my extreme disappointment at David not being asked to participate in the American version of We Are the WORLD, especially since he helped with the telethon, I am happy that the Latino community sees what he contributes. Although I would like to see David singing in English (so I can understand him) I will now buy the Lation version of this song. Can’t wait.

    PS Will buy any language he chooses to sing. There is no one else like him. His voice just happens to be the first great thing we see. The rest comes after you get to know him and only 19 years old.

  • yolanda

    Thanks for the article. I do not speak spanish but i will surely buy this spanish version..David sounds beyond amazing whether it is english, french, spanish ,latin, etc..He is a true blessed musician and great person. Go David…!!!

  • vickie

    So excited that so many people will get to hear David sing this song. I too think he should have been included on the English version of the song but David was honored to be asked to participate in the Latin version. He has such a generous heart and a thankful spirit. Can’t wait to hear him.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • David is a excellent choice to participate in the recording of We Our the world in the Spanish language. He amazes me of how he rises to any challenge. His voice is simply heaven.

  • gracie

    His Spspanish is HAWT!!

  • mindy

    Can’t wait! I LUV David’s music in ANY language! 🙂

  • TrudyFOD

    I am soooo excited and can’t wait for March 1 when we get to see the making of this song with David Archuleta! I’m a huge fan of David’s and was so happy he got to perform with some amazing artists for such a worthwhile cause. I will definitely be purchasing this and watching the show on Univision! Go David!!! WOOT

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  • aldana

    hola mencanto la cansion esta super copada