Debby Ryan Steps Into the Lion King


Debby Ryan gives her best hyena impression backstage during a recent production of Disney’s The Lion King. The experience was filmed for a special Disney 365 segment which is airing on the channel now.

Debby shared in her myspace blog: Disney’s Lion King Broadway Show. I got to sing and dance as a bird lady for the “Circle Of Life”. I was so honored to be on stage with such talented performers! Before the live stage show the director even let me call “Places”. What an honor, I am so stoked! You can watch it and the behind the scenes footage on my 365 on Disney channel.

Debby also uploaded a new video to share her excitement about recording “Hakuna Matata” for DisneyMania 7. Happy V day! stoked to share some news with you. I got an amazing opportunity & can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Disneymania 7 will be out on March 9th! Hakuna Matata is the very first song ever released of me singing, the first time a female has covered Hakuna Matata, & the first time I’ve ever been on an album cover! (((:

Check it all out below.

  • Anonymous

    debbie you are so awesome don’t give up !

  • Noemy resendiz

    Don’t give up on the singing I’m sure you’ll do great!

  • lee

    Debby your song was great on disney mania7 waiting to see your movie i know it will be great you are a fantastic actress