Bailee Madison Is ‘Brothers’ Beautiful


-The adorable Bailee Madison poses with on-screen dad Tobey Maguire and on-screen little sister Taylor Geare at the premiere of their movie Brothers in New York City on Sunday. The 10-year-old actress plays one of two daughters in the movie of Tobey Maguire & Natalie Portman. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as her uncle. The movie tells the story of a young man (Gyllenhaal) who comforts his older brother’s wife (Portman) and children after he goes missing in Afghanistan. The movie opens on December 4. Popstar! was at the premiere with Bailee, so be sure to look out for more coverage over at

  • Anonymous

    Bailee is adorable. How young can you be to win an oscar? The clips I’ve seen of her in “Brothers” have been amazing.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody go see this film? Absolutely blew me away. Tobey Maguire’s depiction of a soldier with PTSD was spot on. Totally different from his past spider-man type roles.

  • @Anonymous: I love this movie. All the performances were amazing. Bailee totally stole the scenes…well both girls did. But it was such a good story. The end was a little too open ended for me, but all in all, fantastic. Tobey was amazing.

  • Krishstar

    Unbelievable how talented she is. The scenes where she is distanced from her father make me cringe. Very realistic acting.