Debby Ryan: “I Would Love to See Bailey Sing”


-We chatted with “Suite Life On Deck” star Debby Ryan recently and got all the scoop on what she’s up to lately. Even though “Suite Life On Deck” is on hiatus, Debby isn’t planning on taking a break. She dished that she will be directing her brother Chase Ryan’s music video and she’s working on a pilot. She told us: “It should be cool and super enjoyable. I like it because it proves that kids don’t have to be the ones setting up the jokes. Kids are funny.”

She also told us how excited she was when she heard “Suite Life” was picked up for a 3rd season and we asked her if she thinks Bailey will ever sing on the show. Find out what she had to say below.

  • pam

    go for it Deb

  • Allie

    Heyy Debby! I’m a huge fan! I KNOW everyone says that. But no one is obsessed like me. I have a suite life on deck poster in my room and i’ve seen ALL your interviews and youtube vids. and every website that mentions you! I even tried calling you on saynow and i’m following you on twitter.
    i’ve asked for one shout on on twitter and that’d mean so much for me, but apparently you dont recognize me cuz you never rt. my twitter is
    and alsoo, ily. šŸ™‚