David Archuleta Is Busy Writing


-Check out David Archuleta’s newest vlog. He talks about NYC, writing, Nashville and more. Don’t forget to catch him on his “Christmas From the Heart Tour.” Check out the dates HERE. You can pick up the album on iTunes HERE.

In New York doing some writing! Working with Jeymes Samuel. I think that’s how you spell his name…. But anyway,I had a great time writing in Nashville! Hoping to go back soon!

  • Marylee

    Thank you, David, for keeping in touch with your fans and keeping us posted on what’s happening in your life…we always look forward to your vlogs…keep them coming :)….Christmas From the Heart is out of this world. I’ve been in “Ave Maria” heaven since October 13th! I am so excited over the prospect of, yet another, new album from you next year! The anticipation is growing! I hope youcan manage to take time to enjoy the entire experience…take it all in and savor every moment. Love you!

  • violet4ever

    Awww – David did a vlog even though he was busy all day! He was songwriting today, and did a 20-minute video interview with ABC News Radio (you can find it on YouTube) and cavorted around the MTV offices singing carols with Jim Cantiello of MTV. And I think he’s hoping to meet up with Carly Smithson tonight for a movie and dinner. Busy busy busy. And sweet as ever. I love his Christmas album that came out last week. You can preview full tracks at lastfm. I have my own copy. It’s gorgeous and uniquely David.

  • Cora

    Where was David, why so dark? He’s too funny, such a cutie. Thanks for showing us the studio sweetie! Can’t wait to find out about the surprise.