Tiffany Thornton & Samantha Droke Go ‘Boo’


-A new webisode directed by David Henrie, Johnny Salvatore and Chris Rossi will be hitting the web on October 30 at 8pm. The project, called “Boo,” tells the story of seven friends. The cast includes Tiffany Thornton & Brandon Smith (“Sonny With A Chance”), Samantha Droke (“Eastwick” & “Princess Protection Program”), Francia Raisa & Allen Evangelista (“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”), Chris Hunter (“Phil of the Future” & “South of Nowhere”) and Mark Hapka (“Days of Our Lives”).

The cast has been pretty secretive about the project, however on Wednesday, they all tweeted “Boo” at the same time. Will you be tuning in?

Also, Tiffany & Samantha will be joining singing sisters Savvy & Mandy for a live chat today at 4pm EST at Be sure to tune in!

  • ron

    I don’t know what to expect from Boo but these are some really sharp young people and I suspect it will be very good. I plan to tune in and hope many others will too. I know Tiffany Thornton the best of all these people and she surrounds herself with strong Christian friends so I am sure that Boo will be quite wholesome. I am Tiffany’s biggest fan and love her very much.