Jesse McCartney Forgets Words To National Anthem


Jesse McCartney performed the National Anthem at the NASCAR Sprint Series Pepsi 500 on Sunday. Jesse forgot some of the words to the song and skipped a few lines. He’s a professional though and didn’t let it bother him and finished the song. It’s ok Jesse, you’re not the first person to ever do that on TV, or in general. It’s a tough one to sing. We give you props.

  • Crystal

    He’s a wonderful singer!! He only missed one line!! Besides everyone makes mistakes!! Please just leave him alone!!

  • Kimberly

    Very well said Shine on Media! Some other celeberity sites need to take a hint about journalism from you. Instead of completely bashing a celeb, just tell the news. Thats why your my fav site shine on media!

  • @Crystal: We said nothing negative about him. We posted this in the most positive way possible. We are proud of him and like we said, he’s not the first one to do it.

  • @Kimberly: Thank you! We do our best to remain unbiased and just post facts. Sometimes we throw in our 2 cents, but we make sure it’s appropriate and positive.

  • edonis

    Jesse is one of the most incredible versatile and talented singers of today, aside from being a brilliant actor (acting performance in the film KEITH). Excess judgments is pathetic derogatory toward him. Jesse very well, just wrong who try.
    Sorry for my poor English, the result of a Brazilian fan.

  • yeahh!!!every body make mistake,cuz every body know jesse’s a really good singer hmmm
    and i’m really a jesse mccartney fan his sssssssssooooooooooooo hot by the way i’ll always support you jesse !!!