Tokio Hotel Wants You To Check Out “Humanoid”


-The guys of Tokio Hotel sent SO-M readers a special message. Their new album, Humanoid just released this week. They are excited for everyone to hear it. The sci-fi themed album featuring the single “Automatic” is the follow-up to 2008’s Scream. The biggest act to come out of Germany in 20 years, Tokio Hotel has gone 10x platinum, scored four No. 1 singles and sold out arenas and stadiums across Europe. They scored a Best New Artist VMA from MTV in 2008, and no one in the world is more prepared to bask in the glow of American rock stardom than this band. Humanoid may only be their second U.S. release, but to millions of fans across the globe, they’re already icons. You can pick up the deluxe edition or bonus track version on iTunes now.

Are you a Tokio Hotel fan? Should we do more stories on them?

  • skiddles

    Of course you should do more stories! They’re so awesome and Humanoid is a great record!

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    Tokio Hotel is an amazing band. Humanoid is a great album. You should definitely do more stories about them.!

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  • Of course you should do more stories on Tokio Hotel!

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    Love the album , is epic…. yes more Tokio Hotel please

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    I already have the album, and it’s great!
    and yes please do more stories on Tokio Hotel.

  • TrishiMarie

    I bought 3 versions! I pre-ordered from itunes and bought the regular version from Hot Topic and the Deluxe w/German version from Best Buy. I couldn’t bear the thought of not having all of the new songs!

  • Jaspar

    Absolutely you should do more stories on them, they’re awesome!! Humanoid is so great, I love it!!

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    Yes, please do more stories on them. Tokio Hotel is an amazing band and they did a superb job with Humanoid. I already have more than one copy. They don’t need to ask more than once, or at all.

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    Yes, Yes. Please do more on Tokio Hotel. They are such an amazing band and their album ‘Humanoid’ is just pure awesome. I have five copies, I had to make sure I didn’t miss anything! I always have this on repeat. <3

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    Yes! Please do more stories on Tokio Hotel! The album is great and thanks for supporting them!

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    YES! more stories please!! i love Tokio Hotel!! Humanoid i awesome! i have two copys πŸ™‚ its just wonderful!

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    Yes please! I’ve been listening to Humanoid whenever I get the chance. It’s their best album yet.

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    I love Tokio Hotel! Yes, please do more stories on them! I can’t get enough of them!

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    I love Tokio Hotel!!! Please do more stories on this amazing band!!! The new album is so amazing,the lyrics,the vocals,the music,the production,everything about this album is wonderful!!!

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    Yes, you should definitely do more stories on Tokio Hotel! Their new album is amazing, and they are just such an amazing band.

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    Yes! Do more articles!! The new album is sooooooooooo good!
    Ps their fans are not fro US and Europe only
    their are lots of fans here in Dubai!

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    you guys should TOTALLY do more stories about Tokio Hotel!! i found out about them at the VMA’s back in ’08 and i fell in love the moment i saw them πŸ˜€ i bet there were a lot of others who did the same thing!

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    More Tokio Hotel all the time, baby!

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