David Archuleta’s Cheeks Are Back To Normal


-Check out David Archuleta’s latest video blog. He recently had his wisdom teeth out and is now back to normal.

I gave up on the last blog, so I just made a new one. My cheeks are finally back to normal! I’ve had a nice time recovering though and relaxing. Went to the Colbie Caillat concert! Was awesome getting to see her again. She’s one of the nicest, casually cool people you could meet. Been exercising and getting back in shape! Going to Nashville for the week to start working on some writing and new projects. Christmas album comes out October 13th! Next week! woot woot

His Christmas album comes out next week as well. Don’t forget to pick it up.

  • GGdoorsfan

    this vlog is just full of winnnn! david’s joy and good humor is so infectious… and we can’t wait for the christmas album – good times, good times!

  • Marcela

    He look so excited, and a little skinny? or good shape? idk. Anyway i glad to hear news about his new pop album, and i hope he gonna continue to do shows with his pop album, he’s AMAZING LIVE. and his songs are not dead already he can do more shows in US and international too. Obviously i love Christmas too David, and i want to hear you sing Christmas songs, but please don’t giving up your regular shows, many people want to see you. Bless you.

  • jess

    i just love his blogs. he’s always so happy and excited about life.

  • kumikumi

    It seems his arms look really thin in this video. I guess he could not able to eat so much after his dental work. He is Awesome as usual. His happy spirit is really contageou!

  • ta

    Shine on, thanks for posting this vid. Love it. David looked well rested.

  • David is AWESOMEEE! Haha! Thanks for posting this! (=

  • Jasmine

    David is so dang cute here! I love how excited he is about his Christmas album- I can’t WAIT to hear the whole thing.. the little snippets are driving me crazy!

  • TrudyFOD

    David has the best vblogs ever. They aways put a smile on my face. I just love how he will small parts of his life with his fans…and he is just so adorable…I always want to just give the guy a big {hug}. Oct 13 is almost here and I can’t wait to get David Archuleta’s holiday album “Christmas From the Heart” in my hands and playing on my iPod. I just think David is an AMAZING singer / songwriter. I love going to his concerts to hear his awesome soulful / pop sound and to meet up with other fans. I had the amazing experience to meet David this past summer and he is as beautiful on the inside as the outside. I will be a fan of David’s forever. And there is a digital download of David’s holiday available tomorrow…may have to stay up past midnight tonight to get that – ha ha

  • casey

    LUV David! I’m sooo excited abt his Christmas album cuz he’s sooooo excited!!