Miley Cyrus – “Party In the USA” Music Video


-Check out the premiere of Miley Cyrus’ new music video for her hit single, “Party In the USA.” ABC premiered a sneak peak tonight during Dancing with the Stars and the full video is available on

What do you think?

  • Anna

    I LOVEE IT !

  • WOW

    OMG. WTF…….Miley is definently…NOT disney anymore. That video…oh my gosh. Umm I dont know what to say or how to say it withought offending people. But she is uhhh grown up… I guess.

    Bottom line…I dont think Id want my little sister to look up to her.

  • :)

    (t_t) wow that was amazingly good i loved it umm oh yeah theres a spagetti monster religion!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome video..

  • Kim

    In all honesty, she’s just become like any other “I need attention” pop artist. That’s what that says, bottom line–people don’t see girls in daisy dukes and think: oh, expression of self, she’s an artist. She’s trying the whole “being sexy” thing to sell herself. It’s kind of disappointing, she has this awesome platform already and she could have chosen to break the mold but instead she goes down the path taken (over and over and over again..). I still don’t understand why less clothes=maturity. Hello, Audrey Hepburn anyone? What happened to being a lady?

    Besides that, her music is not my cup of tea. People are entitled to their own musical choices so I’m not going to attack them, I just feel bad for the impressionable young girls.

    You can rock out without me having to see your bra. Whether she likes it or not that’s what little girls see, they don’t think…”Oh, well shes a performer, she’s entertaining by doing that (side note: since when did, dressing scantily=job of an entertainer/performer?)”.

    Sorry for the rant, just thought I would share, I’ve heard her say things in interviews that prompted my response about her clothing choices.

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  • karissa

    seriously- who cares what shes wearing. shes not going to be 14 forever, and if this is who shes becoming, good for her. if you dont want your little siblings looking up to her, then who the f*** cares. big deal. and short shorts- do you live in a cave? what do you think non famous 16 year olds wear in summer, or whatever. common…

  • Anna

    i do not want any fans to take this the wrong way or be mad at me but she looks like a slut and little kids are looking up to her,and if she still wants that she should get longer shorts,pull up her shirt and stop moving all around so inappropriately! sorry but it is the truth. when little kids watch this (which many probally have) they are going to want to dress like that,or already want to if they saw her on the TCA. (ect.) Girls like Miley are ONE of the reasons why little girl have no self-confidence in them selves and think they are ugly…WHICH THEY ARE NOT!!!
    btw i do like her voice just not her performance.

  • I LOVE Miley Cyrus ♥

  • jabria

    hey miley i love you tell noah i said hi to

  • Red

    ok for all u idots that think shes a whore or sumthing now…….
    shes whereing short shorts and a tank top…… thats what noremal 15-18 yearolds where when its hot. how does make her a a whore or trying to sell herself my being “sexy”??? i have to be honest it is a step up from her orld stuff as hannah montanna but shes not working for disney anymore so she dosnt have to dress like they ask her too.

  • ♥kim♥

    i love miley and this song ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Yoooda

    Miley looks sooo hot in this video. I love what she is becoming. 🙂