Justin Bieber Teams Up With Peta


-Rising star Justin Bieber has teamed up with PETA2 for a new ad campaign. Justin loves animals and shared with peta2 that his compassion started at home with his beloved pooch, Sam. Says Justin, “We moved to a city where we didn’t really know anybody, so I kinda wanted a friend around. And Sam was kinda like that friend.”

In addition to the fact that his dog is his closest companion, Justin also encourages his fans to adopt from animal shelters. According to Justin, “My Dad and I used to go and hang out … just go and visit the different animals and stuff. It’s really important that people adopt. I really encourage going out to an animal shelter or a place where you can get a dog that has been abandoned or doesn’t have a home.” Knowing that, it’s really no surprise that Justin and a furry friend named Bijoux can be seen in the newest PSA for peta2 posing next to the tagline “My World Includes Compassion for Animals. Yours Should Too.”

Check out the ad below. You can also enter to win a shirt signed by Justin HERE.

Learn more about Justin Bieber at peta2.com

  • For those who want to encourage friends and family to adopt, Adopt-a-Pet.com now makes it easy to share profiles, and pictures of pets at shelters over Facebook, and Twitter. Checkout our homepage http://adoptapet.com for more information

  • lexie bieber

    whats sup i love justin bieber to death he has a smile that makes me melt every time i see him i want to be with and meet him

  • lexie bieber

    thats sweet that justin did that i love dogs myself i hate seeing dogs aboused i want to help in some way i have 4 DOGS I LOOOVE DOGS TELL ME IF I CAN DO ANYTHING TO HELP

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    hottttie(: im loving him so much (:

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    i love animals! i want to be a vetranarian one day! i have a dog thats just like his but smaller! and less hairy.

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