Win Your Chance to See Justin Bieber In NYC Friday!


Justin Bieber is doing a special private show in NYC on September 25th, sponsored by iHeartRadio & Z100. iHeartRadio is giving away a few sets of tickets for the private show.

They’re looking for the fan who is the most creative and can do the best rendition of Justin’s song “One Time” (but MUST mention iheartradio somewhere in the song and must be a fan of iheartradio on Facebook (!)

Fans should upload videos of themselves singing “One Time” to the iheartradio Justin Bieber group on Facebook:

Winners will be chosen on Wednesday, September 23rd and transportation is not included. Good Luck!

  • Marianna Rooney

    I absoluletyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love justin bieber.He is amazinggggggggg.I dont know how to express my feelings for him.I would love to win to see him in person say how much i feel for him.I do realize he is a normal teenager like my self.

  • OMFG!!! We love him!!! we watched his video for one time like 80000000000000000 times. We know almost every move! We love when he does that one thing with his eyebrows! We love a lot of things about him!!! hes sooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we are mad that he has a gf! urggggggg! lol we would do anything to meet him or get back stage passes to one of his concerts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.s. we know that this is a little past due, but we wanted to express our feelings about him!!! If theres any time where he would be in WI E-MAIL US PLZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!

  • kayla

    omg he was soooo good on friday at jingle ball….i love justin bieber soooo much id die too c him in person<3

  • ashlie cristine robles/bieber

    i LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!! he is my dream come true

  • Anonymous

    ashlie cristine robles is a fake name so try to google it go rite ahead ur not gonna find anything

  • Brooke

    i love justin!!! he is soo cute!! i watched all his videos!, and definitly his #1 fan!!!! me and my friend watch and listen to his songs non-stop!….he is everything, he makes part of me <3. usually i dnt get along with my mom, but his songs cheer me up!!

  • Talitha

    i love justin bieber so much i wach his video,s all the time and iam his top#1 fan it would be asome if you pick me to meet justin in nyc please pick me to win my dreams will come ture and justin you are and always be #1 love talitha your #1

  • hello jstinas you see my name is jada and i live in newyork i had been on two dates before and i want to ask yo out contact me at this number 914.457.4493 or emial me at

  • Please pick me because I think u r very talented and cute and I have like 100 posters on my wall of you

  • shayelovesjustinn

    id love to meet him, it would be my dream come true, and id also like to meet him not only famous people can show him a good day ordanary people can mak his day as fun as it is now 🙂 he is awsome and meeting him would mean the world to me, x

  • i love justen bieber plese chose me !

  • i wii lick to meet him in real life plese pick me ! yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyylove his songs and i hope he fell my felines plese pick me for the winner!

  • toni apostolou

    i will do anything to meet justin bieber in real life omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love his songs i love him i have had so many disapointments in my life if this ever happens [fingers crossed it does] all these disapointments will just disapear. if i ever meet him i would want to meet him and then be friends i dont have to be but it will be better so all my other sad moments will diapear

    love toni
    ps please pick me
    pss im a dancer and i do all styles but my fav hiphop if you pick me i could show you some.
    pss that sounded but was not a bribe promise im a nice kid.

  • casey9961

    please pick me i would die to justin bieber my wall is covered with posters of justin bieber if you pick me it would be a dream come true


  • emily

    ummm people might want to stop entering cause im pretty sure the contest ended september 23rd 2009… so i wouldnt waste all ur time making a vid just to figure out the contest has ended… so yeah…
    ~I lOvE yOu JuStIn BiEbEr~

    emily :]

  • Brianna

    I luv Justin Bieber I’m ur biggest fan

  • Aysan

    Hi justin . I love you so much and my name is aysan and i am 11 years old . I really want to see you . For the second time I love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much .your so cute and i am your biggest fan .Please choose me 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i love justin bieber soo much i am his biggest fan. everytime i here his songs i cry. if i won this ticket i would faint . thanks!
    love always

  • i loooooooooooove justin bieber soo much

  • Anonymous

    i loveee jouu justin bieber kiss plss

  • hii. My name is CraigAchneepineskum Im 12 And im in grade 7 and i really Want to win this contest because im doing this for my best friend Cassie And i Really miss her she likes You Alot and She Died .. And i relly Miss her , Im just want to meet you because i cant believe that she is reaally gone ,, I know You Can’t Let Me Win Just like that im just want to start this contest and i pray to god that i really want to do this for my BestFriend ….. Call here and you’ll understand 1-807-349-9904