David Archuleta Sings at the US Open


David Archuleta attended the US Open on Sunday, September 13 and wowed the audience with his rendition of “America the Beautiful.” He tweeted afterwards: Got done singing “America the Beautiful!” So neat especially with the marines! Gonna watch some of the game now! Feeling really tired for some reason, but what a great day! Thanks so much you guys for watching tonight and your comments! Good night!


    Love his soulful vibe of America the Beautiful. Squeeeeeee can’t wait to have his Christmas album (Christmas from the Heart) in my hands Oct 13th!!! Gorgeous “-)

  • ta

    Yes, David was amazing. He’s the best!! He will perform & also receive the ALMA Awards 2009 for “The Best Male Rising Star” this Friday on ABC. I’m very excited to see him.

  • Cas

    Loved this rendition from David Archuleta. He’s got some serious musical bones IMO. Thanks!

  • djafan

    The best rendition of America the Beautiful by David Archuleta, he is just amazing inside and out. Anxiously waiting for his award and performance at the ALMA Awards and that much anticipated album, Christmas from the Heart.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! How amazing he sounds! Thank you so much for inspiring me with your beautiful voice! I can’t wait to buy your Christmas album!

  • lct

    Wow! How amazing he sounds! You have truly moved me and inspired me! Thank you, David! I can’t wait until Oct. – when your Christmas album comes out!

  • mhel

    bravo!bravo!bravo!he captured the essence of the song with his heartfelt rendition..so moving!!!!!God bless america and david archuleta!

  • Gayle

    Beautiful song. Beautiful voice. David, your’re a Great American.

  • GGdoorsfan

    wowed is right… what a beautiful, beautiful and soaring rendition of ”america the beautiful”. david added some serious soulful twists that put his own unique stamp on it. he is so talented, and i’m just bowled over every time i get to hear and see see him perform like this.

  • Wonderful is right….David takes you for a ride when he sings. He draws you in at the first note all the way to the end . He sings with such emotion and maturity. What a heartfelt performance!!!

  • ron

    very soulful and moving performance! Watched this so many times and still gives me some chills! Fantastic voice!

  • nanz

    His Amazingness did it again! David is a one-of-a-kind musical gem and
    he had just begun, folks! Get his long-awaited Christmas CD next month!!!!!!

  • babda

    What a beautiful rendition of ATB. David’s raw talent at 18y is unparalled in the music industry. And to think he is equally beautiful inside and out -what a shame that many missed this performance in favor of the VMAs fiasco. Truly wonderful, David!

  • Just beautiful!!!Just beautiful!!!Amazing, He draws you right in and you live it with him. The best rendition of this song that I have ever heard. David, you are awesome!!!!!

  • yoli

    David The Gorgeous singing America The Beautiful is a heartfelt moment. I haven’t recovered yet from awe-mode..

  • abby

    Gosh. I am listening to the song over and over again. Such a beautiful rendition only David can pull off. What a powerful voice and the tone of his voice is AMAZING! I don’t care for American Idol except the fact that they discovered this amazing young talent and human being.

  • Vivian

    Oh yeah, WOWED sounds about right!!!

  • Karen

    I loved David’s powerful, soulful version of this beautiful song!

    Loved it. Love him. Besides being an uber-talented young guy, David is as gorgeous and endearing a human being as God ever made. He is going to soar in this industry, people. No doubt about it.

    And I’ll be behind him all the way, will be his biggest fan from now until forever. Take it to the bank.

  • This beautiful soul has only just begun on his journey of spreading love and touching hearts. He has a way of reaching deep inside himself, capturing his heartfelt emotions, and making us feel what he is feeling!!! He is a musical genius, and will be “gifting” us through his music and his heart for as long as this makes him happy!!! I have never been so mesmerized by any other artist!! At age 62, I have seen many come and go, but none to compare to David Archuleta! I am blessed to be his fan.

  • Jana

    This young man appears to be the voice of his generation. How refreshing. It’s a reminder of how really good someone with true talent can sound! WOW! David Archuleta….this name will be around for a long time!

  • David is the best at singing Patriotic songs and this rendition blew me away. I’m so happy to have discovered this amazingly talented young man. I so look forward to his Christmas album coming out in October, and I’m sure it will be magnificent!

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