Wow Premiere’s “Unforgiven” Music Video


-Check out WOW’s new music video for their song “Unforgiven.” The video features Legally Blonde & Suite Life on Deck’s Brittany Curran and actress/singer Keana Texeira. What do you think?

Pictures Courtesy of Terri Tex/T2PR (For more pics, go HERE)

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  • Number1WOWFan!

    Absolutely Love The Video!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I love them soooo much!!!!

  • Anonymous

    They’re all really cute!!!! I cant wait to see them on tour with miley!!!

  • Anonymous

    love this group. going to be pretty big i think

  • VictoiaMari3

    FINALLY a new HOTT boy band, these boys are sooo sosososoo hott seriously

  • Smileyface15

    OMG, I love WOW! The video made me cry! HOOT BOYS! Unforgiven is the best song ever

  • Haley Blake

    I NEED TO MEET THEM! Im in luuuv!
    Video was amazing, Jake marry me?

  • Moish345

    i cant take it.. these boys have got me in a trance, the way sexy jake looked into the camera, the way frankie sat in that pool.. i’m in my sschool library right now, with my teacher Mrs. Lullingburg and i showed her this video she said oh greatttt looks like my daughters going to be hooked on another boy band

  • KaitlynE3

    so good… seriouslyyy i use to go to school with the one at the piano, its so cool to see him go this far!! i love when he sings that unforgiven at the end.. these boys all are so hott and theyre already big, wait till a couple of months omggggggg jake yyouur so lucky!!!!

  • wowsgirl



    all them boyz are HOTTTTT

  • kristiniadeee

    omg love this song and now the video makes me lovee it moree!!! <333

  • jade223

    ahhhh jake and keana lookkk soo hot together!! love this songgg!!!

  • demilovesyou143

    hotttttttttttttttttttt love this sonngg ohhhh sooo muchh!!!!!!!!


    You guys are going to be the next biggest thing to come down the pipes!!!!!!! Beautiful picture of Jake and Keana it doesn’t get any better than that!!!

  • JakeLover1

    You guys are great in this video!!!!! But I have to say I am a Jake fan and I love him and will always love him especially after this video he is sexy!!!!!

  • Sam22