Miley & Mandy Collaborate with Jac Vanek: Doo Da Doo Bracelets


Miley Cyrus and bff Mandy Jiroux have collaborated with bracelet maker Jac Vanek to created their own line of Doo Da Doo bracelets. They say “It’s All Good” and come in two colors. To get your very own bracelet like Miley & Mandy wear, head over to Will you be buying one?

  • Totally getting the black one 🙂
    loveeeeeeeeeee it. so cute.

  • brooke

    getting black one

  • brooke

    miley and mandy you rock the world number 1 fan nomatter what any one says
    git er done peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • moon

    if you click on the security certificate for that site it is INVALID. I won’t order from a site that doesn’t have that little golden lock on their order page.