Honor Society Reveals Album Cover


Honor Society revealed the cover of their debut album, “Fashionably Late” via twitter today. The album releases on September 15, a little over a month away. Be sure to pre-order your copy today at honorsocietymerch.com, or at a show if you’re going.

Are you excited for Honor Society’s new album?



  • Erin

    i am BEYOND excited! they are my scond fav. band! i love them soooo much! and i got to meet them. they are so talented and amazing. SEPTEMBER 15 i will be FASHIONABLY LATE! how bout you?

  • Jenny

    We already have one Jonas Brothers.
    We don’t need another.

  • so excited for their new cd
    and fyi jenny they are nothing like the jonas brothers get your facts straight before you bash someone

  • laura

    i haven’t been this psyched to buy an album as i am now, honor society is amazing!