Miley Cyrus Parties at the TCAs


Miley Cyrus partied it up at the Teen Choice Awards Sunday night. The “Hannah Montana” star performed her new single, “Party in the USA” for the first time on the show. Miley also presented Britney Spears with a special award. Miley herself won some awards including Choice TV Actress Comedy, Choice Single for “The Climb” and Choice Movie Actress Music/Dance.

What did you think of Miley’s performance and outfits?

Vid Credit: ohhowyoureyessparkle

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  • I did NOT like her performance, AT ALL.
    I actually don’t like.
    Her music is cool and catchy and so is her acting and stuff. But, I don’t like her as a person.

    Please, don’t start insults on here.
    I am just telling my personal oppinion.
    I don’t mind if you like her.

  • Jenny

    Miley was amazing! AS USUAL!

  • gayla

    Miley is pushing the envelope with her outfits and “sexy act. To bad she doesn’t think she can succeed without that. Looks like she’s buying into the whole “hollywood” thing and selling out for success.

  • alyssa

    I think Miley did a great job and I love her new song! And as far as people saying she had a stripper pole, she didn’t. The pole was for her to hold on to so when they pushed her around the stage she didn’t fall off the ice cream cart.

  • Look. people are OVER REACTING. shes SIXTEEN for Gods sake! she didnt do anything! hopping on top of a rolling cart? you NEED something to hold on to. she didnt take any clothes off, she didnt look like a slut, and there werent one dollar bills scattered around her. people should just GET OVER IT.