Suite Life On Deck Season 2 Premieres Friday


-The second season of “The Suite Life On Deck” kicks off on Friday, August 7th. The new season will feature a new character, guest stars, and of course, lots of fun. Cole & Dylan Sprouse, Debby Ryan, Brenda Song & Phill Lewis are all returning. They will be joined by Doc Shaw, who plays “Marcus Little,” a former singing sensation whose career ended when his voice changed, so he’s now making a fresh start at Seven Seas High on the SS Tipton. Shaw starred as Malik Payne on Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne,” for which he received a 2009 NAACP Image Award nomination, the 2009 Young Artist Award and a 2009 NAMIC Vision Award for Best Performance in a Comedy.

In the premiere episode, “The Spy Who Shoved Me,” Zack and Cody help recover a microchip for a spy, only to find out they were pawns. The secret information ends up being a low-fat recipe for mayonnaise. Meanwhile, Bailey and Cody fight when she thinks he is keeping secrets from her and London gives her bad advice.

This season will have guest stars including Jordin Sparks, who makes her debut on the S.S. Tipton to perform a song written by Zack, Cody and Marcus, and Esteban returns to get married on the S.S. Tipton and brings along his disapproving mother, played by Charo. NFL quarterback Kurt Warner comes aboard the S.S. Tipton, where he is tackled by Cody during a friendly football game. Ed Begley, Jr. makes an appearance as an angry Swedish mayor, and London Tipton has a crush on magician Justin Kredible, who drops in on the S.S. Tipton to showcase his new tricks. (We had the chance to see the taping of the episode with Jordin Sparks…it’s hilarious)

Are you excited for the new season of SLOD?

  • Erin

    jordin sparks?????? yay! 🙂 love her.

  • kurt warner LOST the super bowl! why isnt BEN ROETHLISBERGER the winning QB on it? haaaaa

  • Kate

    I am SO EXCITED! 🙂 I love the suite life!

  • Kurt

    big ben getting hit would not be surprising

  • Sarah Araujo

    i cant wait!!! love this show!!!! n all the character n new character!!! wish i can be on it!!!!

  • celeste

    i cant get enough of cody lol

  • i cant get enough of cody

  • Donna

    I love london I think shes great along with zac and Cody can’t wait for the new season

  • pam

    can’t wait to see bailey and what she is up to on the new season her fan club will be waiting. luv u deb

  • ashley

    this will be a hot season i can tellll[;

    i just hope it tops hm, wowp, and sonny wac[[in ratings]] cuz suite life never really had its chance to shine and i love that show.

  • Anonymous

    omg shawn rocks i heart gymnastics