What If Joe Jonas Was A…Wizard?


-Creator/Producer of “Wizards of Waverly Place” Todd J Greenwald tweeted a fun fact today: Joe Jonas auditioned for the role of Justin.

What do you think WOWP would have been like if Joe got the part? Would JB have been as successful musically? Do you think David was a way better choice?

  • I love both Joe and David, i mean, how gorgeous are they!! 😀

    I think that its better that David has the part, so that we can all listen to Joe’s amazing voice and look at his amazing looks whilst JB get huger and huger.



  • I would have issues taking Joe seriously if he were Justin since Joe’s sort of a joker and Justin’s studious and driven. David does a great job as Justin and the JB just wouldn’t be the same without Joe. I’m happy with where they both are.

  • I LOVE David so you kinda know the answer!

  • Rina

    I think David is a better choice because he was less known and he got a great chance from Wizards.
    Even though Joe is amazing… just think about the ending…
    There would be no JONAS (the tv show)