Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift Are VDay Royalty


-After filming a track and field scene, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift changed outfits and got “crowned” king and queen on the set of Valentine’s Day on July 30th. The duo even shared an on screen kiss. During the track and field scenes, Taylor Lautner took a spill jumping over a hurdle. Wonder if it was real or part of the script? Taylor Swift was spotted hanging by her trailer with co-star Emma Roberts as well. Taylor tweeted: I think @robertsemma has amazing comedic timing and impersonation skills. Dinner was awesome!!!

Taylor Swift

Taylor Lautner

Credit: Fame/INF

  • awww, cute. šŸ˜€
    i think they’d make a weird couple, but they look so cute though. (;
    i realize they are not dating, but i love them holding hands. :]

  • autumn mari hermosillo

    well they are okay i guess. but i have thought that taylor lautner was the prettiest thing i have ever seen when he came on that move ” the adventures of Sharkboy and Lava girl!” !