Help Choose The Jonas Brothers Next Single


-The Jonas Brothers & Fan Family Experience want you to help pick the next single.

The options are:

Turn Right
Black Keys
Much Better
World War Three
What Did I Do To Your Heart
Before the Storm

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Which song are you going to choose?

  • Emily Ducker

    Turn Right

  • Josef

    World War III
    then, after that, Much Better and Black Keys-though you really didn’t ask for the next three singles:)

  • Lana

    I think i am going to choose Much Better, because its so catchy and its just an amazing song!

  • lisa

    before the storm. such a beatiful song great chemistry.

  • judy

    1. Before the storm
    2. much better
    3. world war iii

  • Claire

    1. much better 2. before the storm. 3. What did i do to your heart.

  • Casey Harrison

    1. MUCH BETTER!!
    That would be a very interesting video and the song
    is very dynamic and totally different than there normal sound! it would totally draw more of a fan base in!

  • Leah

    1. before the storm – cute couple cute song
    2. much better – i love this song listen to it all the time i love joe

  • Shereeee!

    Either WW3 or Much Better.
    They are more energetic and they would easily attract listeners. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Catie

    Before the Storm, alllll the way. It’s my all-time favorite song, I’d love to see a music video of it too.

  • sofia

    turn right – love what it means
    black keys – love the meaning of it and about it
    before the storm – love the meaning of a relationship going to end but then it might end or not…..

  • Elle

    Much Better or Black Keys. Not Before the Storm I can’t stand Miley!

    They should’ve made a video for Pushin’ Me Away on the last album! I love Joe’s voice in PMA…. it gives me shivers!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • J-Dogg

    It’s gotta be MUCH BETTER. All you other guys are looking at what song YOU like the most, but if you want the JBros to get a HIT single its gotta be Much Better. Great melody and amazing instrumentation. All the other songs are good don’t get me wrong, but Much Better will become a hit and get much radio play due to its catchy nature. The other ones are too slow for radio and will make listeners change the channel immediately, Much Better is the best one if you want them to have a hit from this album after Paranoid.