Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle Split


-Looks like it’s over for Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle. After finally admitting he had a girlfriend on Larry King Live a little over a month ago, E! Online is reporting the couple has amicably parted ways. “Yes, it’s true, they have broken up,” says Brad Cafarelli. “There is no third party involved, and they care deeply about each other and will remain friends.

What do you think of the split?

Credit: Fame

  • Courtney

    I just want Joe, happy!
    I love JB!


  • SJ

    Honestly, I’m glad. They looked cute, but more of the sibling cute than the relationship cute!

    More than half of my friends (both fan and none fans of JB) said they looked related and found their relationship odd!

    So all in all, I AM HAPPY WITH IT. xD

    OH and I’m first! AWESOME xD

  • Its kinda sad, but everithing happens for a reason…

  • M.M.H

    I was O.K with the relationship between the 2.
    I had no hate.
    I just said that fans don’t know either Joe or his family, personally.
    It’s hard to judge something like that.

    Hopefully Joe will get better.
    It’s hard to see him like that.


  • rabeea

    all i have to say is tht joe loked relli haooy wid her and its jst sad seeing him all devasted!! I had no problems wid camilla but if she was behind rhe reason as to why joe was sad at the detriot concert in the 26 thn im gonna be the biggest non supporter of her…all my frnds were agnst her but i was wid her cuz she made joe happy…and i thnk thts all the TRUE JB fans want…i wish joe best of luck for his future and hope he gets through this breakup…

  • I feel sorry for Joe, he was so happy with her, and now its all gone. He cried infront of millions of fans, so you can tell that he’s hurt, well more than that, heart broken. I just want him to be okay, and think that all his fans should be there for him, even though most of us have never met him.

    In the night I hear ’em talk,
    The coldest story ever told,
    Somewhere far along this road
    He lost his soul,
    To a woman so heartless
    How could you be so heartless?

    (sorry, am listening to Kanye :))

    Much love to Joe Jonas, and my heart is with him right now, hope he gets better, cus he’s much better 🙂


  • Jenny

    There’s probably a lot of happy girls right now. lol.