Introducing Singer/Songwriter Josh Golden


SO-M always loves introducing you to new up-and-comers (remember we were one of the first to introduce you to the Jonas Brothers in 2005 and also Honor Society 😉 ). We’ve posted about him a few times, but meet Josh Golden. Josh is a 14 year old singer/songwriter from St Louis, MO, who, in short 10 months on myspace has gained him nearly 100,000 fans and 1.5 million plays. His melodies range from soulful to rockin and the lyrics are meaningful and catchy. This young musical prodigy is sure to make an impact on the music scene with his self titled Album.

He has a 3 Song EP already out on iTunes and his self titled debut will be coming out on July 21st! It will be available on iTunes or you can pre-order a physical copy at

Be sure to check Josh out on myspace at You can also see him in the new issue of Popstar! on the spread about Debby Ryan’s 16th birthday party.

  • Anonymous

    hay you love me

  • Josh is really awesome
    ive known him through myspace last december and he’s really great not mentioning his music is so awesome and the best part is that he does of his music by himself.
    i mean like he writes them with no help and thats what makes a great singer

    way to go Josh

  • Awesome Guy! And Totally cute! Love him! <3
    -Mary Mathers

  • Hey!!! :))
    I told SOM about HIM. 🙂
    She bought Joshyyy’s EP on Itunes at that time. YAYYY JOSHHH! :)))
    Way to go josh. 🙂

  • Jessie D.

    I absolutely love his voice! It’s so good even though he’s so young! He has a gorgeous face, and he’s just an awesome guy all around. And he will actually reply if he has time to your messages! He told me I rock. (: He is sure to go far. I pre-ordered his CD and he autographed it! 😀

    -Jessie (:

  • Jessica.

    So he added me on myspace around January, ive been a fan since. He is awsome he tries to answer peoples comments and has such an amazing voice and is a really great song writer, he’s been my favorite singer since, I love him! <3 (:

  • his music is awsome i love him infact the day i got a friend request from him i started checking his profile and i cant say anything but hes just awsome

  • Octavia

    i luvers his music. he is gorgeous to which is a plus. fav song is small town big city.
    u rock josh!!!!

  • Tonyman

    Love this guy, is so amazing

  • ashley parker

    hey my name is ashley parker..ummm i have known josh for almost a year ,september will be a year! he is awsome ,he totally rock …the dude has talent …he is also a sweet caring loving person!!! i try my best to help support him i have an alabama fan site for him!!! i think one day he will be as big as the jonas brothers!!! ummmmm i really am non stop at everyone about his music ..i do have his album and his tshirt (which i totally love)…his album is so heart felt ..listen to songs and the words that have meaning and they hit home!!! people would totally be out of thier minds no to add him on myspace and order his album …he totally rocks >>>and this bama girl supports him totally!!!
    (:(:(:smile:):):) guys rock for doing this!!!!
    lotz of love

  • sara

    all i have to say is that josh is an amazing song writer!!!!his songs are awesome!!people can really relate to them!! i dont have a favorite song because i just love all of them!!!josh is amazing!!!when i first heard him right away i thought wow hes really good i love his music!josh is funny but he also takes things seriously.josh is one one of the best musicians i’ve ever heard!!!!i love josh!!!!

  • Courtney.(:

    I found out about Josh from a friend. We were on youtube and she was like, you need to see how hot this guy is. So I was like alright. She pulls up his video, “I Fall Down.” Ever since that day, I’ve been totally obsessed. He became my favorite singer. He is an amazing artist. But I have to disagree, he will not be as big as the Jonas Brothers. He will be ten times bigger.(:

  • Anonymous

    Josh is an amazing singer and song writer… he is very talented