Disney’s U Rock 2 Contest & Giveaway


Disney is sponsoring the U Rock 2 contest that gives fans the opportunity to create their own music videos set to songs from popular Disney artists and post their original videos on the U Rock site disney.com/urock. The most popular U Rock video finalists, voted on by fans, will win the ultimate rock star experience including a trip to Los Angeles, an in-studio “take over” at Radio Disney, a visit to the set of a Disney Channel show, and more.

This is the second annual U Rock event on Disney.com. In 2008 thousands of fan videos were uploaded and millions of fans rated and commented on their favorite videos. New this year, fans will be able to watch and vote for their favorite videos via mobile phone by texting UROCK to DISNEY (347639).*

Song selections that can be downloaded from the U Rock 2 site include:
· “One And The Same” by Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez from the Disney Channel Playlist CD, with exclusive music video available on the Princess Protection Program DVD
· “Paranoid“ by Jonas Brothers from their upcoming album “Lines, Vines and Trying Times”
· “Hey” by Mitchel Musso from his self-titled album “Mitchel Musso”
· “Ready to Rock” by Steve Rushton featured in the upcoming Walt Disney Pictures’ film“G-Force”

Fans can upload videos on Disney.com now through July 12, 2009. Finalists in each of the U Rock 2 categories will be announced on July 17, 2009 and fans can then vote for their top video picks through July 31, 2009. Voting categories include “Rock of Fame” which will be awarded to the best overall video for each song, “Tricked Out” recognizing the video with the best graphics, editing and special effects, ”Sweet Groove All Star” recognizing the fan with the best dance moves, “Mega Pipes” which honors best singing and “Aww…some!” which highlights the cutest rockers.

So be sure to head over and enter to win. Only about 4 days left! You can find out more at disney.com/urock and follow the contest on twitter: @urock2.

To promote the contest, Shineon-media is giving away 2 UROCK Prize Packs. The prize pack includes a set of portable speakers and a “U Rock 2” CD featuring the 4 songs in the contest.

All you have to do to enter is to leave your name & valid e-mail (in the e-mail field) in the comments section and tell us which of the 4 songs you’d have the most fun making a music video for. The contest will end on July 14th. Winners will be e-mailed for their info. Good luck!

  • Cynthia

    Hellooo Pick me 🙂 thankss

  • Lindsay

    I’d definitely love remaking Jonas Brothers’ Paranoid 🙂

  • Emily

    Even though paranoid is my favorite song from these four I would probably have the most fun making a video for One And The Same 😀

  • Randa

    which song i would love making a music video for is either Paranoid-Jonas brothers OR One in the Same- Demi & Selena

  • Jonas Brothers and Mitchell Musso and Selena and Demi are all so talented and I cant choose so Im going to go with Selena and Demi. I love all the songs and all the singers/songwriters. But I would LOVE to shoot a video with Demi and Selena for One and the same. I think its an amazing song and I think that its going to be a lot of fun.

  • Ksenia

    The sone that would be the most fun to make a video of would probobly be One and The Same- Bye selena and Demi Because it relates to how you and your friends are close and that a friend is there for you in the time of need. Friendship is very important and that song explains how friendship is LOL =D


  • Hillary

    I think I would have the most fun making a music video for “Hey” by Mitchel Musso. I love that song.

  • I think i would have a blast making a video for “One in the same” By Demi Lovato&Selena Gomez with my best friend Jennie!
    I think our relationship is literally described in that song because we’ve been together for so long.
    To have us rocking out to that song and doing a music video to it would be totally awesome and fun!(:

  • Definitely One and the Same because my friends and I dance around to it all the time and we’re all just a huge “person” made up of each of our characteristics. 🙂 We’re 4 friends that form one person 🙂 We’re inseparable no matter what: ONE AND THE SAME 🙂

  • Raccine

    I am remaking one and the same.. I’ve already started

  • haah
    i am remaking one in the same no questin whit my best friend Andrea will be funny
    ‘one in the same”♪

  • ooh im fall is one and the same sorry i cofuse the words
    but is One and the same♪

  • I’d absolutely love to cover “one and the same” by Demi and Selena.
    I cant though im not a very good singer as much as i love to sing im the first to admit i cant lol.
    My Mom and Dad are always like Jennifer shhhhhh stop singing!
    haha lol but some people have said im quite good but they are like the school cool kids they dont exactly like me so it was probably something to try and humilate me but i dont bother with them i get on with my life (: anywayyyy
    One and the same
    Demi and Selena
    Pick me (:

  • Angela

    I would like to do cover for one and the same because that song is amazing. I really like the beat to it and it just is an upbeat song to preform to.