Meet New Boyband: WOW


-Check out the new boyband, WOW. They recently asked their fans to send them questions and they sat down and recorded their answers. To learn more about the group, visit

  • samiWOW

    heyWOW i have crushes on eddie,frankie,kyrone, jake,and mike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they give me goosebumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!mike is a good singer so is franki,eddie,and jake but u dont realy hear his voice alot……. almost new nsync!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lllllluuuuuuuvvvvv WOW =) <3 <3 <3

  • wowishot

    they are sooooo hot!!

  • anne

    I just heard about you! WOW…no kidding! Love the songs. Check out a friend of mine whos a singer. She’s awsome. Her name is Alex I think you’ll like her….she can really sing!